FAFSA® Completion Dashboard

Level Leaders as of march 9

Dragon Leader

Chugwater School

Buffalo Leader

Saratoga Middle/High School

Rocket Leader

Mountain View High School

Space Leader

South High School

Dragon Level

  • Chugwater School100% Complete100% Complete
  • Encampment K-12 School78.6% Complete78.6% Complete
  • Dubois High School66.7% Complete66.7% Complete
  • Meeteetse School55.6% Complete55.6% Complete
  • HEM Junior/Senior High School53.8% Complete53.8% Complete
  • Farson-Eden High School45.5% Complete45.5% Complete
  • Kaycee School43.8% Complete43.8% Complete
  • Rock River High School42.9% Complete42.9% Complete
  • Glendo High School42.9% Complete42.9% Complete
  • Hulett School38.1% Complete38.1% Complete
  • Ten Sleep K-1236.4% Complete36.4% Complete
  • Shoshone Learning Center33.3% Complete33.3% Complete
  • Guernsey-Sunrise High School33.3% Complete33.3% Complete
  • Little Snake River Valley School27.3% Complete27.3% Complete
  • PODER Academy Secondary School22.2% Complete22.2% Complete
  • Frontier Academy16.7% Complete16.7% Complete
  • New Frontier High School16.7% Complete16.7% Complete
  • Clearmont K-12 School14.3% Complete14.3% Complete
  • Skyline High School11.1% Complete11.1% Complete
  • Arapahoe Charter High School0% Complete0% Complete
  • Wind River Learning Academy0% Complete0% Complete
  • Platte River School0% Complete0% Complete
  • New West High School0% Complete0% Complete

Buffalo Level

  • Saratoga Middle/High School100% Complete100% Complete
  • Riverside Middle/High School76% Complete76% Complete
  • Southeast High School66.7% Complete66.7% Complete
  • Cokeville High School62.5% Complete62.5% Complete
  • Burlington High School54.5% Complete54.5% Complete
  • Greybull High School44.4% Complete44.4% Complete
  • Wind River High School31% Complete31% Complete
  • Shoshoni High School26.8% Complete26.8% Complete
  • Ft. Washakie High School24.1% Complete24.1% Complete
  • Lingle-Ft. Laramie High School24.1% Complete24.1% Complete
  • John C. Schiffer Collaborative School23.3% Complete23.3% Complete
  • Upton High School20% Complete20% Complete
  • Black Butte High School18.8% Complete18.8% Complete
  • Wright Jr. & Sr. High School17.6% Complete17.6% Complete
  • Expedition Academy15.8% Complete15.8% Complete
  • Victory High School12% Complete12% Complete
  • Horizon Alternative School11.1% Complete11.1% Complete
  • Pathfinder High School10.5% Complete10.5% Complete
  • Heart Mountain Academy10% Complete10% Complete
  • Peak High School6.7% Complete6.7% Complete
  • Whiting High School5.4% Complete5.4% Complete
  • Midwest School0% Complete0% Complete
  • The Bridge School0% Complete0% Complete
  • Summit Innovations School0% Complete0% Complete

Rocket Level

  • Mountain View High School70.1% Complete70.1% Complete
  • Pine Bluffs Jr & Sr High School61.8% Complete61.8% Complete
  • Kemmerer Junior Senior High School57.1% Complete57.1% Complete
  • Lovell High School56.9% Complete56.9% Complete
  • Worland High School43.5% Complete43.5% Complete
  • Big Piney High School40.9% Complete40.9% Complete
  • Buffalo High School40.2% Complete40.2% Complete
  • Wheatland High School38.9% Complete38.9% Complete
  • Wyoming Indian High School38.1% Complete38.1% Complete
  • Rawlins High School37.4% Complete37.4% Complete
  • Sundance Secondary School35.5% Complete35.5% Complete
  • Burns Jr & Sr High School35% Complete35% Complete
  • Glenrock Jr/Sr High School34.9% Complete34.9% Complete
  • Tongue River High School33.9% Complete33.9% Complete
  • Lyman High School33.3% Complete33.3% Complete
  • Hot Springs County High School32.6% Complete32.6% Complete
  • Moorcroft Secondary School31.5% Complete31.5% Complete
  • Niobrara County High School30.7% Complete30.7% Complete
  • Pinedale High School28% Complete28% Complete
  • Torrington High School27.8% Complete27.8% Complete
  • Big Horn High School26.2% Complete26.2% Complete
  • Newcastle High School21% Complete21% Complete
  • Westwood High School11% Complete11% Complete
  • Swift Creek High School3.7% Complete3.7% Complete
  • Triumph High School0% Complete0% Complete

Space Level

  • South High School48.9% Complete48.9% Complete
  • Powell High School48% Complete48% Complete
  • Lander Valley High School47.4% Complete47.4% Complete
  • Jackson Hole High School43.8% Complete43.8% Complete
  • Cody High School43.2% Complete43.2% Complete
  • Riverton High School38% Complete38% Complete
  • East High School36.6% Complete36.6% Complete
  • Laramie High School33% Complete33% Complete
  • Green River High School31.7% Complete31.7% Complete
  • Central High School31.6% Complete31.6% Complete
  • Sheridan High School31.3% Complete31.3% Complete
  • Rocky Mountain High School30.2% Complete30.2% Complete
  • Star Valley High School29% Complete29% Complete
  • Kelly Walsh High School28.4% Complete28.4% Complete
  • Evanston High School27% Complete27% Complete
  • Natrona County High School26.7% Complete26.7% Complete
  • Douglas High School26.4% Complete26.4% Complete
  • Thunder Basin High School24.5% Complete24.5% Complete
  • Campbell County High School20.5% Complete20.5% Complete
  • Rock Springs High School19.9% Complete19.9% Complete
  • Roosevelt High School11.8% Complete11.8% Complete

Don’t Delete Me, I’m Here To Make The Other Bars Work

  • School A 72% 72%
  • School B 50% 50%
  • School C 36% 36%

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